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Terra Australis Incognita


In Patagonia, navigando nella Terra del Fuoco cilena, in barca a vela tra Capo Horn e nei fiordi dei canali cileni della Cordigliera di Darwin e, ancora più a sud, sino all'Antartide.

In Patagonia, sailing in the Chilean Fire Land, sailing between Cape Horn and the Chilean fjords of the Cordillera of Darwin and, even further south, to Antarctica.

En la Patagonia, navegando en la Tierra del Fuego Chilena, en navegación a vela entre el Cabo de Hornos y los fiordos de la Cordillera Darwin y, más al sur, hasta la Antártida.

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Sailing in the Chilean Fire Land / Tierra del Fuego - Sailing Wollaston Islands and Cape Horn - Sailing Fjords and Glaciers of the Cordillera de Darwin - Trekking, mountaineering and sleddog - Sailing in Antarctica - 1974, returning from Africa - Fortuna

Sailing in the Chilean Fire Land / Tierra del Fuego

Sailing Wollaston Islands and Cape Horn

Sailing Fjords and Glaciers of the Cordillera de Darwin

Trekking, mountaineering and sleddog

Sailing in Antarctica

1974, returning from Africa


Italian skipper Moreno Salvatore has been skippering and running sailboats since 1979. Moreno has was always fascinated with the sea, history and traveling. Having sailed throughout the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, he has also voyaged around the coasts of Brittany through to Ireland and the Aran Islands via Fastnet rock. Prior to sailing to South America, Moreno sailed to the northern high latitudes crossing the Arctic Polar Circle and continuing to 70°North. During this passage he visited England, Scotland, Norway During the last few years Moreno has navigated single handed for long ocean voyages and coastal passages to compliment his experience with team / group sailing. Moreno is PADI DiveMaster, carries first aid qualifications from both PADI and the Italian College of hiking. Moreno as a diver has participated in research programs in Africa (Tanzania, Zanzibar, Madagascar) and underwater archeology in Italy. During last  years, in the south, he has sailing to Cape Horn and Antarctica more trips and completed a course in “glaciology and safe glacier hiking” including training for first aid to the victims of avalanches. During winter in Tierra del Fuego he has learned how to “Sled- Dog” drive and he practiced ski mountaineering. Moreno is a HAM radio operator (IZ0GPM) and carries marine radio certification from English RYA. He has attended courses in marine biology, ornithology,geomorphology and participated to the whale wachingIn his sailing expeditions, between northern and southern hemispheres, Moreno has covered more than 50,000 nautical miles, from the Artic Circle to Antarctica.